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BitLoader offers you multiple ways to mix, spend, and withdraw Bitcoin

Deposit Bitconi

Free E-Wallet

To start using any of our proprietary features, first create a free account and deposit some BTC or BCH to your anonymous e-Wallet

Bitcoin Mixer

Withdraw New Bitcoin

Use our internal Bitcoin mixer to pay others or yourself anonymously with fresh Bitcoin that is not connected to your original deposit

Transfer to card

Bitcoin MasterCard

Transfer Bitcoin from your e-Wallet balance instantly onto a virtual generated MasterCard to spend funds or purchase a physical prepaid card to withdraw cash from ATMs world wide


Withdraw to Alt-Coins

You can use your e-Wallet balance to withdraw instantly to other cryptocurrency wallets including: BTC (Bitcoin), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), ETH (Ethereum), LTC (Litecoin), and XMR (Monereo)

Our business values user's security & privacy

At anytime you are welcome to completely delete all e-Wallet or card related transaction logs from our servers including the full deletion of your account.
You can access BitLoader fully anonymous through the TOR Browser at: http://bitloadrhdllov77.onion

Some personal information may be required if you sign up for the BitLoader MasterCard and wish to to lift your daily spending limits or ATM withdraw limits.

Bitloader e-Wallet Fees

Account Creation FREE
Deposit BTC or BCH to your BitLoader e-Wallet FREE
Withdraw clean BTC or BCH using internal mixer 0.5%
Exchange BTC or BCH for other clean alt-coins 3%
Monthly Account Fee FREE
Inactivity Fees FREE

Bitloader MasterCard Fees

Issue New BitLoader Virtual MasterCard €14.99 £9.99 $19.99
Issue New BitLoader Physical MasterCard €29.99 £19.99 $39.99
Using MasterCard: Transaction Fee FREE FREE FREE
Using MasterCard: ATM Withdraw (Physical only) €2.50 £2.00 $3.00
Online Statements FREE FREE FREE
Load funds to MasterCard from e-Wallet 2.5% 2.5% 2.5%
Transfer funds from MasterCard back to e-Wallet 1% 1% 1%
Monthly MasterCard fee €1.00 £1.00 $1.00